Thursday, February 3, 2011

On-Shelf Holds

Hi everyone, We are "beta testing" a new service it is called on-shelf or available holds. Here's the run-down. Normally you can place a hold on something that this currently checked out. Then the library calls you when your item arrives.

We are expanding the service a bit. Now you can place a hold on items that are checked in and we will pull those items for you and give you a call when they are ready. We will work in an e-mail notification system for those who prefer e-mail contact with the library.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: If I place a hold on something that says it is checked in, when will it be ready for me?
A: We'll pull those items at library closing time and have them ready the following day, typically--however, wait for that call or e-mail message confirming it is ready so you don't waste your gas getting here only to find out it isn't ready for you yet.

Q: If someone puts a hold on the item at or around the same time I grabbed it off the shelf who gets it first?

A: The patron in the library may check out the item. The online hold will remain in effect until we are able to fill it.

Q: Why does the patron in the library get preference?

A: Because our system will not notify staff to pull the hold until closing time.

Q: Who should I contact with feedback?

A: Call Sam or Christopher at 789-0091

Thanks for helping us test out this new service. For a while it will be buyer beware. Once we get all of the wrinkles ironed out we'll let you know.

Thanks, Sam Passey, Library Director passey AT

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