Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teen Advisory Group @ Uintah County Library

Teen Advisory Group is it for you?
What, Why, Who, When and How.
If you thinks this is for you call the library and ask for Melinda.
Help shape the future of the Uintah County Library Teen Advisory Group by:
􀃠 Developing programs and services
􀃠 Designing contests
􀃠 Promoting the library
􀃠 Helping with children’s programs
􀃠 Eating food, having fun, etc.
Because you can:
􀃠 Make a positive difference
􀃠 Hang out with other teens
􀃠 Tell others what to do for a change
􀃠 Gain skills and experience for your future
Innovative, energetic teens:
(Ages 12-18)
Regular meetings are the 1st Monday of each month, 4:00 p.m., Uintah County Library and one to two additional volunteer days each month at the library.
􀃠 Fill out an application form.
􀃠 Return application, along with one letter of recommendation from a teacher, civic or church leader.

Now is this for you?  If so call Melinda @ the library. 

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